Major Record Distribution Red Carpet Awards Nomination

Founded in September 2021 by Phyllis Salter-Gann, Bruce W. Jackson, Andy Courcier, and Drake King, Major Record Distribution encountered early struggles, unable to secure a major distribution deal and consequently shelving the label in late 2022. Revitalization occurred in May 2023 when the label secured distribution through The Orchard of Sony, prompting over 150 artist submissions. With stringent selection criteria focusing on artist drive and work ethic, the label has since signed Ameri Shaye and Richie Love. In 2024, amidst management changes due to Drake King’s departure, the label earned its first nomination for the MRDG Red Carpet Awards in Europe.

What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes – Cover By Ameri Shaye At The Crazy Cajun In Beaumont Tx

This post content is a link to the song “What’s Up” by the band 4 Non Blondes on YouTube. The iconic track, known for its powerful lyrics and memorable melody, became a significant hit in the 1990s. The song’s themes of confusion, frustration, and the quest for personal enlightenment resonated with many during the era, and its influence continues to be felt in music and popular culture today.

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Information about Major Record Distribution LLC Please see our About Us page as well as it may contain some information that relates to the LLC more than this page. Major Record Label LLC is incorporated in the state of Texas, USA List Of Active Company Personnel

Major Record Distribution Official Announcements

Major Record Distribution Official Announcements Page We are very excited to announce the signing of music artist Ameri Shaye to our record label We are very excited to announce the signing of music artist Richie Love to our record label

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Please use the form above to apply to join our record label. We need as much information as possible about you, your music and your recent performances. We expect artists to be actively performing at events and we’d love you tell us about your story and how you got to Read More