Phyllis Salter-Gann, CEO/ & SR.VP A&R/Co-Owner/Co-founder

Phyllis grew up listening to Country music. She started being around Country Music Artists at 13 years old. She had a friend who performed. Her mom played piano. She dated some well known Texas musicians. Some went on to play with Main Stream Artists and one a producer in Nashville. This is how Phyllis met many of the older Main Stream Artist. She remains friends with several of the older mainstream artists and their descendants today. Phyllis’s first trip to Nashville was at 15 with her friend. Her friend performed with Larry Butler at the CMA Fest. Phyllis came home and begged her mama to move Nashville. She told her it was the closest they could get to heaven. She went back at 17 when my friend was being offered a record deal with RCA. Phyllis had already fallen in love with Nashville on her first trip. Of course, she’s been many times since.

Phyllis spent lots of time around some of the older artists. She wanted to be a manager. A couple advised Phyllis and taught her about the industry. In her early 20’s she managed for 4 years. Then, divorced and was raising her son as a single mom. So, she changed her profession.

After remarrying in 1996, her husband encouraged her to go back into music management. In 2010 she started Salter Gann Universal Promotions and Management. A few years later, she incorporated to a LLC. At first for a few years offered her services for free. After forming the company she began charging for her services. SGU offers services to artists who aren’t under management too. Phyllis is the sole manager of SGU. Salter Gann Universal Promotions and Management LLC. SGU won Manager of the Year at The Josie Awards in 2018 & 2022.

​Phyllis been a part of three Indie Artists Record Labels. She’s currently working with a business associate of 7 years to launch a label which will be co-owned by both companies. It’ll be a different type label. We’re doing things differently. Artists will have more control. It’ll be a one stop shop for everything the artists need. Phyllis has been a Tour Manager on 3 tours during the pandemic. Phyllis has managed several artists who have won at the Josie Music Awards. A little over 3 years ago SGU purchased an internet radio station which is fully licensed and pays royalties. This was another item on Phyllis’s bucket list marked off.

“Don’t let hate infect your heart”
– Montrell Jackson