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Richie plays All Saxophones, Alto, Tenor, Soprano, Baritone, Flute and Most Instruments. Composer, Arranger, Producer, Vocalist, Teacher and Mentor. CEO of SAXWORLD PRODUCTIONS, since 1985. First Record Release 1987. Love’s a gifted saxophonist/vocalist and innovative virtuoso music artist. He was nurtured deep in the genre roots of “Jazz”, “Blues”, “Rhythm and blues”, and “Funk” The youngest son of world-renowned saxophonist PRESTON LOVE, who Performed with such greats from Count Basie and Billie Holiday, to Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5, He was MOTOWN’S  First West Coast Orchestra Leader/Contractor in the 60’s.

So Richie’s no stranger to the music business. He began Playing Sax at Age 6 and has performed on hundreds of  Live Venues, CD’s, T.V. and Radio Broadcasts. He has worked with, headlined for and studied under a legendary group of musicians and songwriters such as Johnny Otis, Buddy Miles(Band of Gypsys), Andre Lewis(Mandré), Norman Connors, Barbara Morrison, Shuggie Otis(Strawberry Letter 23), Angela Bofill, Billy Preston, Rickey Minor, Lester Abrams(Minute by Minute), Curly Martin, Reg Alexander(Reggie Vision), Billy Nunn, Bluesman-Ray Bailey, Stemsy Hunter, Lalomie Washburn, Lois McMorris(Lady Mac), Charles Williams, Lew Hopson, Jeannie Holliday and Preston Love to name a few.

Richie’s band The Love Connection has been rocking audiences for over 25 Years From L.A. to the Midwest and now on the East Coast. They’ve been featured on Documentaries, Headlined countless Jazz and Blues Festivals, including the Omaha Jazz and Blues Festival (3 Years), Carson California Jazz Festival (2 Years), Ameristar Casino (3 Years) and co-star Mississippi Valley Blues festival (1999). Headlining with Wayman Tisdale, Chaka KhanAlex Bugnon, Hank Crawford, Les McCann, Marion MeadowsJoe McBrideBuddy Miles and Preston Love

Richie created Saxworld Productions in Los Angeles to mentor young people in music and produce talented Artists in California through Nebraska. In 1987 Carey Washington’s, Hit Single “Fed Up” and “Wish I Had a Dime”, Saxworld’s First Lp Release In Which Love Composed, Produced, Arranged and Performed Both Songs. Featuring Carey on Vocals and introducing the companies phenomenal 14 year old Compton rapper Damon Mckell aka Dizmo/Dismost. Released on Olive Branch Records the Label of Legendary Saxophonist Stemsy Hunter.”1993” co-Produced the Loves of Omaha Release for Father Preston and brother Norman, Their First Family Release, Four Mentoring Grants for the Nebraska Arts Council through “1999“.  ” 2001” Richie Love Volume I, CD release and A host of other Releases. “2011” the Digital Release of ” REFLECTIONS” the Hot Sexy Single and Prelude to Volume II. “2012” 01/12/12 VOLUME I “REMASTERED” the re-release of the Classic Collection. With performances by Preston Love, Buddy Miles and more. You Listen, You Love.! “2013“–“2018” Performing, teaching/mentoring and recording on the East Coast“2019” the release of Richie Love New Horizons CD, that has been making waves throughout the nation. New Horizons has been the #1 Album for 3 Year and 6 Months on Last.Fm/BlastFM Global Radio and Streaming Platform. Richie has been #1, Smooth Jazz Artist, Most Requested, R&B Artist and Album there as well. “2021” Richie was inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall Of Fame. Love’s Sax Performances are featured on over 20 CD Releases, his Youtube Channels include 30 original music videos produced by R.L. and 10 Live performances. He’s Spreading the Music, Mentoring Young People for over 30 years and emerging steadily toward making his Music History with his One of A Kind Talents. Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Witness this Explosive Musician/Performer.


1987 Fed Up and Wish I had a Dime, LP singles,
2001 Richie Love, Volume I,
2011 Reflections, Digital Single
2012 Richie Love, Volume I “Remastered”, Re-Released,
2013-2018 R.Love’s Performing on the East Coast, Recording the first solo Sax CD and completing Volume II. His Sax Performances are featured on over 20 CD Releases, his Youtube Channels include 25 original music videos produced and performed by R.L. 
2019” CD Release Richie Love NEW HORIZONS “Real Music Makes a Comeback”. His first CD featuring Love exclusively on Saxes.

Richie was mentioned in two international book releasesUpside Your Head by Johnny Otis, A Thousand Honey Creeks Later, by Preston Love Sr.
Richie was the feature of several news articles for his musical accomplishments, community service and the success of his band. Those articles include an article by Linda Allen for Balance News, Preston Love Sr. for the Omaha Star Newspaper and Matthew Stelly for The Crusader.

Noteworthy Performances Headliner:
(3) Carson California Jazz festival,
(3) Omaha Jazz and Blues Festival (including the first),
(3) Years Ameristar Casino,
(4) Love’s Jazz & Art Center, 

(3) Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center, 
Mississippi Valley Blues Festival 
(co-Headlined with Preston Love) 1999,  
Catalina Jazz Club, Los Angeles 
(Guest Performer of Barbara Morrison) 2018.

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