Bruce W. Jackson, CEO/CMO/Co-Owner/Co-founder

I first fell in love with Music around age 7, when I was just a child, growing up listening to such greats as, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Supremes, Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Beatles, Genesis and too many more to try and mention.

I remember my first guitar and drum set, I’d spend hours trying to master them. As I grew into my teen years, I become a traveling Dee-Jay playing Wedding and school functions, parties, hospital events, and I loved every minute of it.

I had come to realized that being a Dee-Jay was cool, and that people treated you special, because you were literally the entertainment at those events, I was hooked. I pursued music and the business of music all my life, and still I get excited about every aspect.

But I needed to earn money, which led me to the medical field, where I soon became a Respiratory Therapist, I realized I had a knack for caring for people, and stayed in the Health Care Industry for 47 years. I was also steadily involved in the music business while doing medicine and found a passion for Music & Medicine, They became my M&M’s.

Ten years before I retired from the Medical Field, I knew I wasn’t ready to give up music, so I started cultivating my own Media Company called Jackson Media Associates, Now called JMedia Music Group. Seriously the company was comprised of me and my ideas. Absolutely no one else worked there, except me. Over the next 10 years I met many people along the way, most were frauds and a couple were the real deal, and are my business partners today in several other companies we co-own. Blast-FM Ltd., Major Record Distribution, LLC., and M.R.D.G. Publishing, LLC. are three of those companies heavily involved in the Music Industry Today.

My years of experience having worked for major radio networks like Clear Channel, I Heart Media, WCIN and other stations as a key Marketing Executive, have helped to shape my destiny while, honing my Skills, is what allowed me to build these business endeavors, along with the help of God and others. I have run and owned several Video Platforms and worked A&R, Recruitment, and Artist Procurement for Reverbnation, reviewing more than 125,000 Artists for over 4 years, while selecting 100 Indie Artist to Promote for 30 days on Blast-FM Radio Stations, Submission were about 2500 entries per month. I reviewed them all.

I have developed and created “Graphics Advertising campaigns for nearly 20 years. I have Served as Chief Marketing Officer / Gen. Sales Dir. at Music Companies and Stations for the last 10 years. I really think Marketing & Sales is the key to growing any business.

Bruce W. Jackson,
Co-Founder, Co-0wner, Co-CEO, CMO
Of all these Companies:
BlastFM-LTD Radio Network
JMedia FM Radio
Major Record Distribution, LLC (Group)
M.R.D.G., LLC (Music Publishing Co)