Major Record Distribution Red Carpet Awards Nomination

Founded in September 2021 by Phyllis Salter-Gann, Bruce W. Jackson, Andy Courcier, and Drake King, Major Record Distribution encountered early struggles, unable to secure a major distribution deal and consequently shelving the label in late 2022. Revitalization occurred in May 2023 when the label secured distribution through The Orchard of Sony, prompting over 150 artist submissions. With stringent selection criteria focusing on artist drive and work ethic, the label has since signed Ameri Shaye and Richie Love. In 2024, amidst management changes due to Drake King’s departure, the label earned its first nomination for the MRDG Red Carpet Awards in Europe.

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Information about Major Record Distribution LLC Please see our About Us page as well as it may contain some information that relates to the LLC more than this page. Major Record Label LLC is incorporated in the state of Texas, USA List Of Active Company Personnel

Signed Artists

Any Signed Artists Will Be Shown Below Ameri Shaye was signed to our record label officially on the 20th June, 2023 You might be able to find more information about these artists on our Signed Artist forum

Artist Announcements

MRDG label has recently signed artists Ameri Shaye and Richie Love. Richie Love is set to release a new track titled “Come Back [MRDG 2024].” For more details, the MRDG forum has an Artist Announcement post available.

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